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Personal Suggestions for FIFA 17 Career Mode


 I have some ideas and I really hope EA can do something about the staleness this game gets after a day of playing. And here are my suggestions.

Career mode feels so pointless after 3-4 seasons. So first of all I would like the whole journey of a season to mean something.

.In-depth stats, individual and team. Like 2K does for NBA, I want to be able to see a players career stats at the click of a button, teams they have played for, team and individual awards, all that kind of stuff. For example, I click on Mesut Ozil, I can see he played for Real Madrid during these years, and his stat for that year in La Liga were such and such. I can see he also lead the Bundesliga in assist in a season when he played for Werder. Or being able to go to a tab and check Barcley's PL history, see who won the golden boot for a certain season, which team won the league, player of the year and team of the year. Being able to see the stats for other leagues would be good too.

.Seasonal awards. They need to have more meaning, like after a season in the PL random players are winning player of the comp but aren't even making team of the year.

.Training. It is such a grind and unrealistic. realistically player train almost every day so when I'm restricted to 5 training sessions every 7 days it's gets really annoying. Again I'll use 2K as an example because I think it works, we need to be able to set training days during off days and be able to give every player their own training regime, with the ability to train 1 singular stat. It's annoying when you have to train a player in 'beat your man' when the only stat you want to train is 'stamina'. Also, not being able to improve mental attributes or physical stats like speed/strength is annoying. Training games are annoying and I find them unbelievably difficult and uneccessary. The ability to hire a trainer would be amazing and the better the trainer the better players recovery would be or faster improvements. Also, the ability to train a players weak foot, and instead of using a 'star' system, make it an individual stat and every thing that requires the use of a weak foot (example: passing, shooting), those stats are affected by the weak foot stat when using the weak foot. I don't have ideas on how to calculate the stats from natural to weak foot so if someone had ideas that would be cool.

. Loaning/selling. I would like to be able to force a player to go on loan by contactng a club and say 'this player is currently for sale/loan, are you interested?' The offer would be below their base value not to become OP. Sometimes I just want to get rid of a player quick and I never get offers for him.

.Team/manager prestige. I like taking a team like Newcastle or West Ham, and making them a European force, but even after winning the PL or CL with these teams, I still have to over pay or offer higher squad roles for EVERY player. So winning a few trophies with a team would raise that teams 'prestige' and make better players want to play for you and players willing to take pay cuts/lower roles. Not to mention a poorer team never gets richer no matter how successful they have been. So they are always stingy when you request funds.

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