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You will take with you across the land of Hunter X Online


 The Lightning Kingdom, and to get you ready, they've released an all-new character trailer showing off your band of fighters that you will take with you across the land of Hunter X Online. Pledges start at $10 and gradually work their way up from there. Here's a screenshot of the tweet. Game Informer recently revealed that Hellblade was going to be their cover story for the month of May 2017, and although it seemed a bit surprising at first, there's so much more lurking beneath the surface with this game that needs to be known.

It wasn't necessarily an unfounded assumption as the studio's history certainly indicated as such, but I could not be more happy to be wrong, and if this game wasn't on your radar already, it needs to be starting now. Hunter X Online doesn't currently have a concrete release date but is set to come out sometime this year. Even if the discount is small, anything is better than nothing. It's a fascinating experiment in game narrative design that will look to carve out its own niche. Just check out this new gameplay trailer from Hunter X Online Game Informer.There's something intrinsically satisfying at grabbing new games at prices below market value. There's a little thing about the word "no" in the realms of game development that almost no one likes; saying it."

Hunter X Online, a Switch version doesn't appear to be a top priority for Blizzard, and while it's always best never to close any door completely, there's no point in getting your hopes up. Not only will you roll around space, earning credits and reputation for your actions, but what you do will affect the balance of power within the game world. As it stands, the project has accrued just over $104,300 of the $150,000 it is looking for. You’ll be able to sign-up and start playing at


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