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Samsung 5G across the major milestone 28GHz RF chip into the commercialization

Samsung Electronics officially announced that the company designed for the 5G infrastructure 28GHz millimeter-wave RF chip has been developed to prepare, into the commercialization stage, the chip 5G equipment will be officially published in early 2018.

Kyungwhoon Cheun, executive vice president and vice-generation communications executive at Samsung Electronics, said the company has been investing in several related technologies in order to complete the 28GHz 5G RF chip. Now this chip into the commercial stage, a symbol of the past efforts finally put together a complete result, but also 5G commercialization of a major milestone. The chip will play a very important role in the upcoming networking technology revolution. bcm6345kpb p10

Samsung has already published some of the details of the new RF chip at a 5G Mobile Technology Symposium hosted by the Korean Institute of Communications and Informantion Science and has provided details of the commercialization of the company's 5G product. Samsung will announce more details during the upcoming World Conference on Mobile Communications (MWC). According to Samsung's plan, equipped with this RF chip 5G base station, will be officially published in early 2018.

Samsung said the new 5G RF chip will significantly enhance the overall performance of the 5G base station, especially in reducing costs, improve efficiency and reduce the size of the equipment, can bring a clear advantage. With the new RF chip with high gain / high efficiency power amplifier (PA) is also developed by Samsung, which PA has been in July 2016 officially released. This combination means that the RF chip will support the millimeter-wave band. Samsung as early as a few years ago announced that the company's millimeter-wave technology research and development focus will be placed in the 28GHz band.

In addition to supporting the PA, Samsung also revealed that the RF chip will be used with a group of 16 low-loss antenna composed of antenna array. This configuration will further enhance its communication efficiency and performance. bcm3405kqte

As the millimeter-wave technology has a very high threshold and obstacles, the vast majority of the current market has entered the test or a small range of 5G network, are operating in the band below 6GHz. However, in the 5G communication to the development of millimeter-wave communications on the road, 28GHz will be the first major goal.

In the RF chip into the commercialization stage, Samsung has successfully overcome the 28GHz millimeter wave signal chain in the most challenging a few technical difficulties, then the progress of the commercialization of related equipment will be expected to accelerate.


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