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Copenhagen Ska Convention 2001

13/4 Loppen The Chemist and dr. Love, Skaloot and Duck Soupp So the time had finally come. Already before the doors opened I knew Copenhagen Ska Convention 2001 was going to be a succes with the a queue down the stairs at Loppen, something I´ve only seen when The Skatalites played there. The first band to hit the stage was The Chemist and Dr. Love, a three piece (mc, dj and sampler) dub soundsystem, truly rocking and getting the audience warmed up for the next band Skaloot. Skaloot, the only Danish skin ska band, took over an got the already smiling and skanking crowd to hit new heights – A great show! The only thing that kind of bugged me was the bassplayer. He could be playing more walking bass lines, instead of just single notes. The last band of the evening was Duck Soup. The eldest Scandinavian ska band. This time rejoined by their old guitarplayer making them and 8 piece who knew how to skank! They played a great set with old classics and new rockers, that made almost the whole audience (500 people) skank. All this contributed to make this the best show I´ve seen with these old skankers. 14/4 Ungdomshuset Chakawoo, Furillo, The Kentucky Luckies The second night of the Copenhagen Ska Convention 2001 was great too, at least in my opnion. Chakawoo started out with their 3rd wave skapunk based on Sublime styled ska with a sax and a trombone. They were a bit untight and unsure of themselves, but did alright anyway, managing to place a smile on most of the people there. Next band were Furillo. I must disagree with Theo who also reviewed this night. Furillo was absolutly smoking with their 3rd wave inspired skapunk and a amazing hornsection they managed to get everbody out there and played an extremely tight set with an inspring connection with their crowd. You may not like their music, but they were not boring. Last band was The Kentucky Luckies hitting it hard with their Liberator inspirered two-tone ska they finished the night off with a good tight set that made everybody who stuck around to see them go home with the memory of a great night. 15/4 Stengade 30 Echo, Red Stripe Skankers, Skalar and Skalatones The last night, and the debut of my own skaband Echo. Since I will not review my own band, I will move on the to Red Stripe Skankers. This was the first time I heard them, and they were great! Party ska with hints to the Slackers and other great bands. They were great musicians and played a tight set with a good connection with the crowd. Definetly recommendable. Next up was Skalar, two-tone inspirered political ska. I´ve seen them a couple of times, and like all the other bands, this was the best show I´ve seen with them. They rocked and had a good connection with the crowd. The only bad thing was the trouble with staying in tune. By the time The Skalatones hit the stage I was so exhausted by all the stress of planning this event, that I just sat on a chair and looked at the stage for a few songs, but those songs sounded good, and the audience seemed to have a good time.
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